The princess dream is always a veil dance. In reality, a gauze book gives you a dream princess bed.

Every girl has her own princess dream, and although her age is growing, she can always stay the same. Want to have a romantic princess bed like a fairy tale? Then take a look at these DIY designs!

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It’s a coincidence that you have an abandoned hula hoop in your home, so don’t waste it. You just need to easily fix the lap to the top of the bed, and add a gauze to be OK!

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Of course, you can also use a large curtain loop instead, fix the ring at the end of the bed, and then pass the yarn. Btw, if you want to create a dreamy effect, then you must add a lantern as an embellishment, the effect is better.

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Creating a traditional European-style palace-style bed is actually very simple, just need to set the curtain rod above the bed and add a gauze, but pay attention to the drape and the degree of wrinkles, so that the overall style is more noble.

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Well, if you like the minimalist style, then the yarn account is fixed at the bedside, and it is warm.

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The essence of the princess bed lies in the looming feeling that you can put the curtain rods at the four corners of the bed and then hang down the gauze, especially when you open the window, the breeze is slow, and the gauze is also dancing. .

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When you say “dream”, you can think of things like stars or vast universes, go out and watch the stars? You can see it while lying in bed! When you don’t know the yarn account, spread a lot of small lights on the top or around the gauze and take the stars home.

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It’s not a luxury, even a dream, you can create different styles of beds according to the decoration design of the home.

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Some people think that it is too boring to surround them, then what about this? Absolutely enough atmosphere.

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If the space in your home is large enough, you can also make multiple levels of effect. If you get the essentials, wash and sleep, experience the fun of the “princess bed”~