Say goodbye to warm spring, decorate home design with summer colors

In 9102, it was still deeply immersed in the trend of cold sex. In the new year, the trend of home decoration is also followed by a major reshuffle. For example, the long-standing minimalism in the design world and the blue and green that are not boring, lead the trend of the home, as well as the fog, blue, forest color, Jewelry tones, etc… Which one do you pick?

2019家居设计趋势 图片源自catesthill. com

Healing forest system

疗愈的墨绿色家居趋势 图片源自examiner

A layer of gray “black green” and a low-saturated “pine green” together form a home color palette called “Forest Greens”, which is filled with a calm and elegant atmosphere, with a few green plants to bring healing The effect of the human heart, combined with the modern design of black and white tones, can show a warm and modern style.

疗愈的墨绿色家居趋势 图片源自theeffortlesschic
疗愈的墨绿色家居趋势 图片源自thegirlwiththegreensofa

In addition, this color system is accidentally matched with antique old pieces, adding brass, ceramics, wood and other elements to create a light industrial wind home full of Wenqing.

疗愈的墨绿色家居趋势 图片源自www.chrisfrank. info

Tranquil fog blue

宁静雾霾蓝家居 图片源自elledecor. com

As one of the most popular colors in the “Morland”, “Smog Blue” is extremely plastic, with pure white furniture and light wood tones, bringing out a quiet and philosophical minimalist style.

宁静雾霾蓝家居 图片源自jillianharris. com

Or with brass soft, dark/black wood, rattan and silver metal furniture, it also highlights the elegant and luxurious modern accent. Digital technology

数字科技感家居潮流 图片源自domino

No matter how the trend changes, people’s imagination and yearning for the future have never faded. This kind of plot, which seems to have come out of the sci-fi film, can be skillfully applied to the home environment, echoing the icy, strange and familiar feelings of the emerging intelligent technology, using artificial light sources as a space to dye the fantasy color, and basic Above the shades (black and white), it blends into mysterious tones such as indigo, misty purple, fluorescent orange, and blue-green. It is combined with glass, metal, acrylic and other materials to create a multi-faceted digital atmosphere.

数字科技感家居潮流 图片源自homeklondike
数字科技感家居潮流 图片源自www.foodielovin. com

Minimalist cream

极简奶油色家居 图片源自Elle Decor France
极简奶油色家居 图片源自Elle Decor France

Neutral and versatile cream shades, including white, beige, light gray, etc., are probably the favorite color palette of the minimalist! This warm, warm colour that symbolizes simplicity, comfort and freedom, whether paired with a dark grey background with a classic ambience, wooden/stone furniture that is full of rustic style, or the most popular geometric figures of today, can be created Modern and personal feelings.

极简奶油色家居 图片源自howdens

In addition, adding a touch of light pink, terracotta and brass to the creamy shades also adds a more versatile texture layer to the space.

极简奶油色家居 图片源自

Rich jewel color

丰富珠宝色家居 图片源自freshome. com
丰富珠宝色家居 图片源自freshome. com

Emerald, sea blue, sapphire, wine, red brick powder…, the jewel color of the glittering texture, I believe it will be the home color palette of many homeowners who admire the color or the extremeism, dark jewels It mainly highlights the luxurious taste of the space, and can be blended with bright colors such as cream yellow and pumpkin orange in the deep color to give a proper amount of fresh vitality.

丰富珠宝色家居 图片源自livinator. com
丰富珠宝色家居 图片源自myamazingthings

The light-colored gemstones emphasize the colorful, refraction-like space of the gemstones, and are combined with different materials (such as the contrast of satin and matte fabric) to pull out the layering of neutral color intensity.

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